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Modern Fence Holding, based in New York City, is the exclusive East Coast representative of FANCY FENCE, a unique and innovative retractable gate system imported from Europe. 

We are looking for partners, installers and dealers in ALL States East of the Mississippi River to work with us to bring this product to market. 

This is a unique opportunity for select, established firms like yourselves to increase your profits, expand your reach, establish exclusivity over a market and to bring to your customers a product that no one else can produce. 

Our target States:



The FANCY FENCE system is made up of a retractable driveway gate, an invisible walkway gate and simple, modern fencing.

   Our goal is to provide our customers with the feeling of privacy and safety. At the same time we would like them to remain open to the world around them.

We offer a system of fences that combines simplicity and elegance with unique functionality:

RESIDENTIAL SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE gate & walkway closed.jpg


Our fencing system is composed high-end, fully customizable retractable gate and fencing system.  The product has key advantages over traditional sliding, swing, and vertical pivot gates:


We want to keep our products simple as this guarantees trouble-free operation and timeless design. The FANCY FENCE patented system is based on well-known fence and gate components that have been in use for a long time. In our system, they have just been put together in a unique way. The FANCY FENCE system is made up of a retractable driveway gate, an invisible walkway gate and simple modern fencing.

The FANCY FENCE system is a turnkey solution made of the following elements or any combination of them:  Steel Posts in custom finish, HPL Sheets giving a varied width fence wall design, Agglomerated Quartz Slabs for a look of permanence.  In addition, we recently added the capability to include Tempered Glass Panels for retractable pool fences.

While we are focusing initially on the residential market, FANCY FENCE can be adapted to 4 markets:  Single Family Residential, Multifamily Residential, Public Spaces, and High Security.  The capabilities and simplicity of this system is endless.  Here are a few possibilities:

Single-Family Residential

Swimming Pool

Multi-Family Residential

Public Space Access Control

Working with us

The FANCY FENCE system is fully explained and detailed on the corporate website, below.  We would invite you to review it and view the videos showing the product in operation.  If you would like to work with us, please fill out the form below and click submit!


We believe this is a great opportunity to deliver a great product for new and existing high-end residential and commercial customers and we would be happy to talk to you.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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