2 West 45th Street

New York City
Lobby Renovation

For one of Manhattan’s oldest real estate firms, Joseph P. Day, PLAN gave a face-lift to a historic building, while at the same time, repositioned the building in the market through new branding and lobby interior.

The limestone façade was restored and the carved stone details (long since missing) were put back in place.  To contrast, a steel and glass canopy marking the new entrance is supported by crisp, back-lit signage emphasizing the address.

The interior lobby was widened, the old plaster ceiling restored and a new 10’ high by 35’ long lightbox carries the building name, as well as marking the new branding effort.

All walls were clad in marble to compliment the history of the building. New modern lighting and a white steel reception desk were proposed.

03_13KCJP_6E32_CH Afters09.jpg
06_13KCJP_6E32_CH Afters03.jpg